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The challenges of content creation

The challenges of content creation

Content marketing is an integral part of generating leads for any company, but the process can be expensive, time-consuming, creatively draining, miscalculated and under-prioritised. Here we examine the challenges of instituting a fine-tuned content creation process.

1. Who should be in charge of the content creation?

This is a great question to ask yourself at the beginning. All staff fit somewhere on the spectrum of writing ability, but your best writer may not be your biggest product expert, and they may have other projects that mean their schedules are unpredictable. And lastly, their ideas may not align with that of the marketing team. So who creates the content?

Well, stats show that marketing departments produce a vast majority of content in-house.  Fifty-three per cent of content comes out of corporate marketing teams, while product marketing creates 39 per cent. It makes sense:

  • They create and oversee the content strategy
  • They know the product/brand being sold
  • They have strong communications background
  • They can usually afford to allocate the resources

Keeping content creation within the marketing team is the most efficient scenario, according to content marketers. If this set-up isn't applicable in your workplace, there are other options – for example, outsourcing content creation to external agencies, or product experts in other departments – but these involve compromise, planning and extra meetings and resources.

2. What does it take – in terms of money and time – to create quality content consistently?

To create "quality" content you need to pay for it in one way or another - there's simply no way around it. And making it consistent takes even more resources.

Aside from the time it takes to write and edit content, you need regular meetings to review what is working and brainstorm ideas. Research into what your competitors are doing, and analyse your results. Even with seasoned writers, a blog that's updated with posts twice a week might be expected to use up about 15-20 staff hours of content creation time.

To streamline processes, content marketers are looking for content management solutions like AAP Publish, which was built with these challenges in mind. Among the key selling points of AAP Publish is the option of having access to Australian Associated Press's content library and images. Being able to reliably populate your site with relevant, quality content (including in-built photo library access) can take a lot of the stress out of running a content hub.

3. What kind of content is right for my blog?

This is a key point discussed on the CoSchedule blog - we know quality wins over quantity, but the question becomes "are you creating the right kind of quality content?"

Your strategy must be crystal clear: what kinds of content are going to get the best results for you? Find the right answer to this question and you will cut your work significantly, because you won't be pouring your efforts into content that is high in quality, but missing the target from a marketing perspective.

We know quality wins over quantity, but are you creating the right kind of quality content?

4. Collaboration is key

The bigger the team, the more diverse your content - and it's a much better look to see a range of authors adorning your site. But this brings with it a need for planning and scheduling of resources. The team needs to know who's doing what, and there needs to be a logical publishing process. That's another aspect in which AAP Publish makes life easier. Learn about how team workflows are built into our platform.

5. Getting stories out there

Creating content is only half the job! Sharing all your content to different platforms can be a time-consuming job in itself, not to mention that forgetting to do so can be a killer. A modern CMS like AAP Publish will have in-built sharing capabilities. Once you connect your social accounts, your content will automatically go out to all corners of the "socialsphere" when you publish. You can even schedule well in advance.

There is so much to consider when implementing a content marketing strategy, but when done well the sky is the limit.

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