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Fabulous ways to monetise your blog content

Fabulous ways to monetise your blog content

Think about all the long hours of effort you put into your blog content, and the readership base who greatly benefit from your resources. If you've established a good rate of clicks coming through to your page, why not get some reward for effort? If done correctly, the earnings you can reap from the following techniques can quickly add up, and, whether you see blogging as a hobby or a serious business, there are strategies for every case. 

Direct advertising

One of the most lucrative and common types of monetisation for content creators. A well-connected blogger or company will have the resources and network to sell banner ads to big clients. A smaller operation may struggle, but it never hurts to try this road as it can pay off. Banner ads are fairly prominent but usually come with slick designs and, in a funny way, make your site look more professional if you can land a known brand. They don't have to be banner ads of course, you can negotiate other sizes and slots for your site. Check out the example below of our client Newsroom.

Advertising networks

An alternative to selling advertisements directly is to sign up for networks such as Google AdSense, to name the major player. Assuming your site fits their guidelines, accounts with these organisations can be set up really quickly. You can customise the variety and location of your ads to an extent. Some people make thousands from this type of advertising - it's certainly a good starting place for someone selling ads for the first time. Alternatives to Google AdSense include ADSTERRAOIO PUBLISHERVIGLINKSKIMLINKSMEDIA.NET

Products and services

Many brands set up blogs to help sell their products and services (more about content marketing here), but for content creators looking to make a buck, perhaps it's time to establish your own products. If you have a loyal readership, there will be a percentage of them that would jump at a chance to support you through merchandise. Products one could sell are only limited by your imagination, while owners of successful blogs are always in demand for consultation and freelancing in their field of expertise. 

Sponsored reviews and posts

You'll need to have a lot of blog followers to make this one work - even very popular content creators find that they don't make a huge amount with this strategy – but those that do it well can clean up. You might even find that companies start sending you stuff before you even begin actively seeking out commercial relationships.

Premium Content

Why not charge readers for access to your best articles? Depending on what platform you use, there are many solutions to let you hide certain content before payment. This article goes into them in more detail. Many leading news sites go down this road. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective tool for bloggers; in fact, it's an even more powerful strategy than advertising on social networks. Surveys have shown that 33 per cent of recipients open email based on the subject line alone! Definitely a great way to win subscribers and sell products.

Sell Your Blog

You've worked hard to build a successful site, it's running smoothly and you feel that it's at its peak. Perhaps you want to move on to other projects or you've hit the wall creatively: why not sell it to a lucky company that can appropriate your industry-leading blog for their own marketing uses? The downside here is that you may find yourself associated with the blog brand even after it's no longer under your direct control. The upside would be a decent financial windfall!


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