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Quality over quantity: building a better relationship with your blog audience

Quality over quantity: building a better relationship with your blog audience

The big question in the world of content marketing right now is this: should we be publishing less intensive posts at a higher volume or should we instead be writing more posts that require more intensive research and writing at a lower frequency? 

Current research shows the market is trending towards lower volume and higher comprehensiveness – avoiding mass-produced, puff pieces, and instead creating content with depth and meaning that is, most importantly, effective. After all, there is only so much content readers have time to consume. High quality content is proving to attract loyal readership. 

Directing traffic - the right way

The common conception is that to drive traffic to your site, you need to publish lots and often. This is true – but fewer posts of better quality is much more likely to help you create a strong, trusted and lasting relationship with your target audience.

The best kind of performance

Marketers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to invest in content marketing thanks to recent research. Viral content will inevitably continue to thrive but statistics show virality and shareability are not the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) any more.

Taking the right initiative

Marketing success isn't just about counting likes and shares. It is much more effective to focus on content marketing initiatives to encourage growth and expansion, favouring quality over quantity to push for higher conversion and Return on Investment (ROI) by identifying, reaching and engaging qualified audiences. It's essential to work out a strategy to avoid getting lost in the heavily saturated media landscape and instead be as visibly present as possible.

Appreciate your audiences

To create quality content, marketers need to research what kind of content will connect with various audience types, including small, niche audiences, across a variety of different platforms such as Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter and Yahoo.

Be consistent

In general, focus on producing content consistently, creating engaging content and measuring content effectiveness. Planning content in terms of distribution channels and specific targeting audience is an important step towards creating quality content.

Bigger budgets not always better

 A big budget is not always necessary – take time to test your content on specific audiences to determine its effectiveness, and when you work out the most successful formula, a small budget can go a long way. 

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