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How to grow your business through blogging

How to grow your business through blogging

Blogging is a great marketing tool and when used the right way, can help you connect to your audience and transform and grow your business.

Create an engaging blog that readers will want to return to again and again with these five simple tips:

1. Find your angle

Keep your blog niche and specific. Do you have a particular area of expertise you can use to inform or inspire your readers? Can you provide interesting commentary about news in your industry? Decide on your topic of focus to create a community of like-minded readers who will want to read your posts on a regular basis.

2. Establish your voice

Blogs are often more casual tone than other websites and can speak directly to the reader. You can achieve this by addressing the reader in your posts as though they are sitting in a chair in front of you. Using the term “you” to address your audience makes your tone friendly and approachable, and using the word “I” instead of “we” to describe yourself also helps to give your blog a personality and further build that connection. Make sure you also write with confidence, as readers are generally seeking an expert on the topic and will be drawn to your blog if you convey that you are an authority on the subject. 

3. Grab Attention

The first thing readers notice about a blog post is the title. When starting your blog, come up with a blog title that captures readers’ attention, while also quickly conveying the theme of the blog. Once the reader has clicked through to your blog, you still have work to do – studies show you have about 27 seconds to impress them before they click away. Keep readers engaged with blog posts that have succinct and catchy titles, and excerpts that clearly and accurately describe the post. 

4. Design

Readers won’t stay for long on your blog if the design is messy, fonts are inconsistent, the colours don’t match and it’s hard to read. Readers don’t want to work hard to read your posts, so ensure your blog’s layout is clean, the colours and fonts consistent and the text is always readable. Large blocks of grey text are a big no-no – make posts more approachable by dividing them up with subheadings in a bold font, and add images, slideshows, videos and infographics to keep readers scrolling through to the end. 

5. Make yourself known

Now you have set up your blog and found your voice, it’s time to flaunt it. Create an engaging “About” section to your blog to let readers know a little bit about yourself. Include a quality photo and an intriguing bio to allow your audience to relate and connect with you. Share your posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to grow your readership, ensuring you use the same profile image on each platform to create a consistent brand.


Following these five tips will help you to build a more attractive and successful blog for your business or personal brand. But don’t expect overnight results.

While you may feel discouraged in the beginning because your readership is low, keep writing high-quality posts on a regular basis, use social media to promote your blog and soon you may find you have what it takes to create a great professional blog.

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