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How to curate content

How to curate content

Filling in the gaps with third party content

One of the keys to successful content marketing is a steady stream of fresh content. But what happens if you find yourself running out of unique ideas?

If your publishing frequency is too low, you'll lose your appeal to those important return visitors who'll notice the same old stories stagnating on your homepage. There's really no drawbacks of high-frequency publishing – unless, of course, churning out stories correlates to a drop in writing quality.

Creating content should come naturally to your talented and knowledgeable staff, but even geniuses need a helping hand sometimes. According to LinkedIn, about 27% of marketing departments completely outsource jobs such as blogging to content agencies. However, another strategy which may help you make the most of your resources is to curate content.

What is content curation?

There's a lot of top-notch content out there on the net that deserves to be shared. If you already have your finger on the pulse of your industry network, you'll come across loads of "underground" material that you can repackage for an article for your site, or share on social media. Repackaging involves rewording, adding your own commentary, including original quotes and linking to and crediting the original source. It's important to act as ethically as possible when drawing on other authors' work. More info on curating fairly here.

“Content curation is not about collecting links or being an information pack rat, it is more about putting them into a context with organisation, annotation, and presentation. Content curators provide a customised, vetted selection of the best and most relevant resources on a very specific topic or theme.” - Beth Kanter

A skilled curator saves information-hungry browsers a lot of work, and if you do a good job, you can attract a brigade of loyal fans - some one which may eventually become customers.

What can curation do for your website?

Aside from increasing your content quantity, curating means that your audience is benefiting by getting information from your site that may otherwise not reach them. Likewise, you're benefitting by delivering content that your audience may otherwise receive elsewhere. By mastering curation, you will establish your brand as industry trend specialists. It can also, in some cases, be a wonderful way to build industry networks by recognising and promoting the best thought-leaders in your field.

When a company gets curation right, it's hard to miss their meteoric rise, as they tend to start popping up everywhere on the internet. Just look at the way BuzzFeed and Huffington Post dominate their space by cherry picking content from all over the place and repackaging it for their audience.

Social Skills

Another quick and effective way to curate content to your site is by pulling in the best social media posts from other thought-leaders in your space. Populated around your own unique content, it's a quick and effective way to make your page, blog or network the go-to destination on your chosen topic. Click here to try Publish's social curation tools and see how you can better leverage external social content.

Quick tips for curating


Despite RSS being fairly old-fashioned now, it is an excellent way to get content as soon as it hits the web. Sometimes you can start sharing it before the original creator has begun to promote it themselves.

Snappy headline and opening

If you frame the story better than anyone else - either on social or on your site - you'll get more readers than other sources sharing the same content. Simple.

Nurture connections

Always give credit to original publishers, which will hopefully result in reciprocal sharing of your own content.

Don't be lazy

Just republishing is too easy. Make sure you take the time to add your own angle and expertise to a story.

It's easy to curate content with AAP Publish's social funnel and AAP Newswire integrations. Explore now by requesting a demo.

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