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Case study: Changing the NZ news landscape with AAP Publish

Case study: Changing the NZ news landscape with AAP Publish is the brainchild of Mark Jennings and Tim Murphy, two experienced journalists from New Zealand who wanted to create an independent news and current affairs website. The pair saw a gap in the market for a news service that provided "intelligent conversations at every level of New Zealand life." 

By partnering with AAP Publish, Newsroom was able to build an industry-leading news website at a fraction of the cost of other market solutions. Not only did they enjoy the backing of a major news agency in AAP, but the Publish team produced a sleek, custom design, integrated ads and video, and offered around-the-clock technical support.

Publish neatly complemented Newsroom’s multifaceted approach to monetisation and marketing, with the platform’s unique way of handling social proving critical in the site’s growth phase.

For an independent start-up like Newsroom, it's critical to streamline social media strategy, to get maximum exposure. With AAP Publish, you simply plug in all your relevant social accounts, and sharing content across all channels becomes a routine part of publishing. 

Without the need to invest in their own full time IT team, Newsroom can divert more resources into their quality journalism. With a team already comprised of over a dozen passionate staff, Newsroom has made an instant impact on the news landscape in NZ, and the site is a great example of the results an enterprise-level plan with AAP Publish can achieve. 

Are you a publisher looking to make an impact on the competitive news scene? Learn how AAP Publish can help you mix it with the major industry players here.

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