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Delighting audiences beyond the venue: World Business Forum Sydney 2017

Delighting audiences beyond the venue: World Business Forum Sydney 2017

For twelve years the World Business Forum has been a global source of inspiration, learning and transformation for leaders looking to build better businesses and a better world. Gathering business icons, global leaders, brilliant minds and legendary CEOs, the Forum hosted by World of Business Ideas (WOBI) discusses the issues and trends that are shaping the future of business. The fourth edition of WBF Sydney was hosted at The Event Centre, The Star, on May 31 and June 1 2017, and saw an incredible breadth of content, with world-class speakers from diverse fields.

Speakers included Ken Segall (former Ad Agency Creative Director at Apple), Rosabeth Moss Kanter (Harvard Business School Professor), Arianna Huffington (founder of The Huffington Post and CEO of Thrive Global), Daniel Goleman (renowned psychologist and leading authority on emotional intelligence), Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia), and Randi Zuckerberg (former Director of Marketing at Facebook and founder of Zuckerberg Media).

AAP partnered with WOBI to provide an event content package that included curation, production and publishing of its amazing content.

The full event content package

AAP supplied the World Business Forum with a complete bespoke content production, curation and publishing solution. The mission was to capture, extend and repurpose the key highlights of the two-day event with content in multiple and engaging formats such as articles, photographs, video interviews, vox pops and graphics. All content published on the platform was produced and curated on the day and published on the live platform ( powered by AAP Publish. The platform offered multiple touchpoints with audiences and sponsors, elevating the brand and adding value from participating in the event. 

The platform

The Publish team at AAP created a custom template to match the brand, look and feel of the WOBI corporate website. With input from the marketing team at WOBI, a sleek, modern and engaging format was created in just two weeks.


WOBI was able to offer further value to its partners and sponsors by allowing content teams to contribute to the site directly. Both AAP content producers and sponsors were able to create and publish content on the platform simultaneously with the use of Publish's contributor and workflow features.

Engaging formats

The platform's easy-to-manage content editor allowed editing and publishing within minutes, including embedded video, images, graphics and social media content.

The AAP Team has made it really easy for us, particularly in the lead up to the World Business Forum and on site, allowing us to go on and do our jobs - Malisa Mlinaric, General Manager WOBI

Social Media Buzz

The Publish social media funnel made it easy to capture reactions from the audience via multiple social media platforms - in real-time.

Digital Screens on site

A digital screen solution was created based on an AAP Publish template which displayed social media content on digital screens at the venue, in real-time, without the need to engage other softwares or suppliers. The digital display aggregated the event-related hashtags and WOBI social media accounts and displayed moderated posts to convey the buzz during the event.

Live Streaming

In a World Business Forum first, those who were not able to attend or register for the event had the opportunity to stream two selected keynotes. All keynotes were also recorded to offer delegates the chance to relive the experience.

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Content curation with an editorial edge

AAP's expert editorial team supported the event with content production, editing and curation. 

By engaging AAP's bespoke content production team of editorial experts, WOBI also had access to video, video interviews, vox pops, images and stories produced on the day and simultaneously by AAP journalists, producers, videographers, editors and photographers. A team of content curators extracted the best pieces of content and turned them into easily digestible summaries of the day's learnings and reactions.

AAP has helped us deliver some great value to our delegates in the form of providing this content in a platform where they can go back and re-engage and re-check what they learned and inspired them - Hayden Jeffreys, Marketing Manager, WOBI.

Video and Image Production

As part of the event curation package, AAP supplied two photographers and two videographers to cover keynote sessions, attendee reactions and interviews with speakers.

All videos and photographs were produced for WOBI to utilise in the live website ( taking only minutes in some cases between production and publishing. The content was further repurposed for event promotional material, email communication, press releases and corporate website content.

Raw video and edited video clips were delivered to WOBI’s Marketing team within 24 hours. The clips included interviews with speakers, guests, attendees and session highlights.

Video content: Interviews with speakers, delegate vox pops, packaged content, behind the scenes, keynotes on stage

Image content: Auditorium, stage, crowd reactions, speakers, delegates, exhibition floor, VIP parties.

Bespoke Journalism

AAP provided a professional journalist to interview speakers and delegates as well as curate content produced by AAP’s visual team on the website. 

Their editorial expertise helped to produce content fast such as original articles with an editorial angle and journalistic integrity. This resulted in 37 original stories being created in two days with four times more views than sponsored and partner content.

Live content creation and curation

To manage the large amount of content being produced, and to support WOBI's on-site marketing team, AAP also provided a professional journalist to curate and aggregate original, third party and social media content related to the event.

Real time analytics

The AAP, AAP Publish and WOBI teams were able to track the success of the content being published in real time with both Google Analytics and the embedded Publish analytics tools. It also allowed to show the performance of the content team, in both number of content pieces produced and their engagement metrics.

The Results

WOBI was able to deliver high engagement, generate future leads, and promote its brand with a breath of professional and editorially driven content. Both the content produced and the platform on which it was published achieved the objective of extending the life of world-leading content beyond the duration and location of the event, demonstrating its worth to partners, sponsors and attendees.

"It's been phenomenal to have the live platform to be able to deliver content to both delegates and the people in our global community" - Hayden Jeffreys, Marketing Manager, WOBI.

342 Images taken and edited
28 video clips shots and edited
11 VOx Pops
7 Speaker interviews
20 Speaker presentation grabs
37 Stories created 
5 minutes The average session time on site
6,500 Content views in 2 days
136 leads Generated for WOBI

Live streams

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