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How the Innovation Fund will help publishers transform their future

How the Innovation Fund will help publishers transform their future

We've already received overwhelming interest in our bespoke digital publishing and technology packages, designed specifically to enable you to leverage the publisher fund, with many of you already through the application stage

With the application extension from ACMA, there is still time to apply and applications for our packages should be able to be completed in 1 or 2 days. Applications close on August 10th!

Once the applications are in, the first round of funding will be allocated from October 2018 and we will be ready to kick off your projects then and ensure they are delivered smoothly and efficiently. 

The benefits of the Publisher Grant and a partnership with Cognitives and AAP go well beyond funding. Here's just a few ways we are helping Regional and Small Publishers transform their future. 

Not Just a Website

While our technology can revamp your website into a modern, audience engaging media site, our package goes beyond this. We are a team of journalists, designers, developers and media experts. We create apps, websites and journalism training for Australian media companies and brands and provide a proprietary, secure, enterprise content platform for media companies to run their infrastructure on. 

Other opportunities are streamlining of social media activities, improved editorial collaboration, saving on IT resources, and growing digital subscribers.

Project consultations will begin in February 2019, and the new website and CMS will be launched by August 2019, with training and support provided by AAP and Cognitives. This will enable publishers to keep pace with the digital age and for staff to learn more about social media marketing and the digital space.  

Maximising Revenue

According to IBIS Newspaper Publishing - Australia Market Research Report, "printed newspaper circulation has rapidly declined over the past five years, as readers have switched to online news content. Lower circulation has made advertising spaces less attractive for media buying agencies and businesses, as newspapers are reaching fewer consumers."

Moving from print to digital allows for more revenue through subscription models, national and regional advertisers as well as programmatic advertising. The publishing platform offers opportunities for monetisation of content through its in-built ad management system, flexible paywall settings and subscriber management system. All digital publications created with Cognitives and AAP Publish will be able to access advertising and subscription models immediately. You can read more about how to maximise revenue here.

Print Plus Digital

While online news is on the rise, print publications are still very much a vibrant part of local communities and provides readers a unique style of journalism that only a community newspaper can offer.

Digital packages can complement print publications in a number of ways. Free newspapers may decide to reverse their publishing strategy online and while they deliver a free paper, charge for unlimited online access. 

The most successful Regional Publishers are taking a total audience plan to market and bundling a print and digital package to get a greater share of wallet and better results for their advertisers. Building a best-in-market channel to publish content beyond print versions will enable you to achieve a greater reach, as more and more people are wanting digital access due to distance and lifestyle.

The Small and Regional Publishers Innovation Fund helps Publishers transition to digital and adopt new ways to monetise their publications. Applications close on the Friday the 10th August 2018, if you wish to apply for one of the Cognitives & AAP Publish bespoke digital publishing packages then simply request a proposal to get started.

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