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AAP Publish website Newsroom wins NZ Website of the Year

AAP Publish website Newsroom wins NZ Website of the Year

One of AAP Publish's foundation clients Newsroom won big at the 2018 Voyager Media Awards – judged joint* Website of the Year at a gala dinner in Auckland attended by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in May. is the brainchild of Mark Jennings and Tim Murphy, two experienced journalists from New Zealand who wanted to create an independent news and current affairs website. The pair saw a gap in the market for a news service that provided "intelligent conversations at every level of New Zealand life". Another co-founder, investigations editor Melanie Reid, also won Reporter of the Year and Story of the Year.

By partnering with AAP Publish, Newsroom was able to build an industry-leading news website at a fraction of the cost of other market solutions. Not only did they enjoy the backing of a major news agency in AAP, but the Publish team produced a sleek, custom design, integrated ads and video, and offered around-the-clock technical support.

The judging panel at the Voyager Awards heaped praise on the Newsroom team, highlighting its swift rise to prominence. “At only just over one year old, Newsroom has secured its place as a go to website for hard-hitting news coverage,” they said. 

* In a rare tie, the Website of the Year award was shared with the industry’s biggest media site,

Newsroom and its journalists had finalists in 16 categories, winning four awards in total.

Newsroom’s co-editor Tim Murphy said: “We are still flyweights to Stuff's heavyweight ranking but we are just so happy to have been able to get back in the ring for New Zealand journalism.” 

Without the need to invest in their own full-time IT team, Newsroom can divert more resources into their quality journalism. With a team already comprised of more than a dozen passionate staff, Newsroom has made a huge impact in the news landscape in NZ, and the award is a great example of the results an enterprise-level plan with AAP Publish can achieve. "AAP Publish was a big part of this award" Murphy later told us.

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