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Blogging secrets: how to get the most out of your content

Blogging secrets: how to get the most out of your content

Are you ready to publish blog content that engages your readers, improves your ranking in the search engines, drives new visitors to your site, and boosts social shares? 

With more emphasis placed on content marketing, creating blog posts that wow your audience is absolutely necessary to stand out from the crowd. Quality prospects are attracted to quality content.

Since business blogging is a sure way to bolstering thought leadership, building trust with your audience, and increasing brand awareness, posting content regularly will help you to achieve desired business goals from your marketing. 

The following steps offer proven ways on how to enhance your blog content, creating winning posts every time.

#1 Have a Conversation with Your Readers

When crafting your blog posts, it’s important to write as if you’re speaking directly to your audience, in a face-to-face conversation. This makes your content strong yet relatable and authentic. Conveying your content in a way that fosters relationships and connections gives you a slight edge amongst the sea of content in your niche.

Developing buyer personas is a profound way to get to the heart of your audience and what resonates with their interests. You’re painting a clear picture of your ideal customer which gives you ammo for creating content that addresses their pains, problems, and most impressing questions. As a result, you’ll be defined as the “go-to” source, positioning your brand as an expert in your industry.

#2 Optimise Content with Best On-Page SEO

Even with the constant changes in search algorithms that affects content visibility on engines like Google, there are sound SEO practices that have withstood the test of time. The good news is that you can easily incorporate these tactics for optimising your blog posts to be found by your ideal customers.

Use the following as a checklist for best on-page SEO tips when creating your blog content:

Blog content checklist: SEO secrets

#3 Add Colour to Your Post with Visuals

Did you know that articles using an image for every 75-100 words receive double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images (Source: Hubspot)? Creating beautiful blog content includes adding visuals that complement or highlight your text that helps illustrate your topic. It’s a powerful strategy to capture attention and telling your brand’s story.

Ramp up on the visuals throughout your post, making your content colourful and appealing. Stock photos tend to be the popular form of visual content. In lieu of sharing detailed data, embed an infographic that pictorially conveys the message. Including videos is a winning tactic to quickly engage your audience and getting them to take action.

Using a variety of visual content helps you connect with different learning styles and preferences, expanding your reach and influence.

#4 Ask for Engagement

Many blog articles fail to give a call-to-action at the end of their post that tells the reader what to do next. Sadly, this results in missed opportunities to gain new leads or foster engagement that scores high for SEO ranking.

Get people involved in your message by asking readers to take action. Whether you want them to share your post to their social networks, leave a thoughtful comment to initiate conversation, or opt-in to receive your free offer, give clear instructions in the conclusion to increase responsiveness.

Additionally, your email list is another outlet towards building engagement with your content. As real fans of your brand, you can invite subscribers to share your content via social media. Use a plugin like ClicktoTweet within your email message to make it easy for readers to publish.

#5 Leverage Interactive Content

Interactive content is said to be the future of content marketing (Source: Jeff Bullas)! 

Content types like survey polls, quizzes, calculators, interactive slideshows and infographics enrich user experience with your blog post while capturing engagement. Adding these pieces also improves SEO, keeping visitors dwelling on your site longer thus improving visibility in the search engines.

Choose to implement more interactive content in your posts. Surveys are excellent choices as you can use this data for market research to improve your strategy and customer experiences. Embed slideshows from SlideSharethat complements your content. Finally, create quizzes that lead to solutions that further promotes your services.

We go into more detail in this article.

What next?

Maintaining a blogging cadence is vital for a strong content marketing strategy. Leverage this checklist when creating your blog post to increase online presence and keep viewers responsive to your content. Having it close during your blog creation process will aid in publishing content that resonates with your audience, fosters user engagement, and yields favorable results in your marketing.

This article originally appeared on Cognitives' blog

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